Logistics Services


Whatever your requirements, Mecanex USA is your partner of choice when it comes to the logistics of spare parts. We provide a total care package for your logistics needs featuring full logistics support, and including import/export handling, parts inspection, as well as packing and consolidation of shipments.

Import and Export

Full logistics support including export & import handling

  • Experienced, accessible points of contact
  • Employee training on a quarterly basis
  • Yearly external trainings by the Society of International Affairs (SIA)
  • Successful Export Control Reform (ECR) since October 15, 2013
  • Valuable contacts with freight forwarders, customs and officials

Parts Inspection

When it comes to quality, there is no room for compromise. Our quality control services include:

  • Visual inspection of parts and ceritificates
  • Non-conformance handling
  • Quality and quantity inspection
  • Documentation
  • Repacking

Packing and Consolidation of Shipments

Our extensive experience makes us the perfect partner for proper packing and
shipment of all types of goods, by all means of transport.

  • IATA rules (HazMat, Chemicals)
  • Coordination of freight forwards